South West Coast Path Closure

Published: 14 June 2022

Cornwall Council is still waiting for a final decision from the Rambers' Association as to whether they will withdraw their objection to allow them to reopen the route, following a meeting at the beginning of last week with both local and national representatives of that organisation.  As soon as Cornwall council have received a response, they will update all concerned and take appropriate action depending on the decision.

Any members of the public that have strong views about the closure should write to the Ramblers' Association direct -

The parish council remains concerned about continued vandalism, which does nothing to help Cornwall Council achieve formalisation of the new route.  Barriers and padlocks are being repeatedly vandalised, almost daily, leaving the path open for the public to access, which is criminal damage, trespassing on private land, a cost on the public purse by repairing/replacing the barriers so frequently, and a significant safety risk by using the sections that are closed due to cliff instability.   If you witness anyone causing this vandalism you are asked to report it to the Police.