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Climate Change

The Parish Council declared a climate emergency in June 2019.  Cllrs Hallows and Reynolds are taking the lead on the matter.

In September 2019 the Parish Council accepted the proposals contained within this report.

At a meeting held on 10 October 2019 it was agreed that it would be better to work with other local councils to produce a plan similar to the Helston Climate Action Plan and that we would attend a meeting on 21 October facilitated by St Austell Town Council where a presentation was being given by Cornwall Council.  Following this meeting a St Austell and Clays group is to be set up.

A meeting was held on 14 November.  Pat Smith will prepare an article for the Polmear Post.  Trudy Reynolds will prepare a "Bags of Fun" poster to encourage everyone to buy local, avoid plastic, give a tree and sponsor a charity.  Pat Smith will contact local landowners to encourage tree planting initiatives which Trudy Reynolds  will follow up in connection with Project 2020.